Groups of three or more students can use a TCC breakout room for academic and organizational purposes.  Conducting social activities, commercial ventures, or any form of solicitation is prohibited.  Each room has a Windows 10 PC, 42-inch display, webcam, whiteboard, and a table that seats seven.  Please note the following before submitting a reservation:

•  The rooms are meant for student use. Therefore, a student must make the reservation.  Faculty or staff can use a room only when it involves a student group (review session, meeting, etc.).  Such uses are expected to be one-time only occurrences.

•  You can book a room up to a week in advance.  Your bookings cannot exceed six hours for any given day and nine hours for any given week

•  The rooms are meant for group use.  Individuals and pairs who wish to book a room must do so via phone or at the TCC consultant desk.  They can reserve the room for up to one hour and the reservation must occur on the same day the space was booked.

•  Please be punctual.  The TCC staff reserves the right to cancel the reservation of those who fail to arrive within 15 minutes of its start time.

•  All lab policies (food, noise, solicitation, etc.) apply to the breakout rooms as well.  Those caught violating them may be asked to the leave the TCC.

Nothing available at the TCC?  Try the Tech Center!  Visit